Thursday, October 1, 2015

Robert Atlas Trial for murder of girlfriend Tracey Anderson

Robert Atlas' trial is coming up soon. Atlas will go on trial for the murder of his girlfriend Tracey Anderson. Tracey Renee Anderson was stabbed to death in the home that she shared with Robert Atlas after she locked him out of the house. Atlas had been out clubbing while his pregnant girlfriend was at home alone. According to one source, he told a friend that if Tracey Anderson locked him out of the house one more time, he would kick the door in.

Robert Atlas. "Naw Im gonna be honest.. I don't know if daddy was this good looking.. I'm just saying.. " Photo Credit: Facebook

Well, he did just that before also kicking down the door to the bathroom where Anderson was hiding. The case has family members on both sides of the case upset. I received the following message today from someone who may be close to the case. Both sides of the story will come out at trial.

"Interesting. This whole situation is very sad and unfortunate.He kicked the door to gain entry to his apartment because she locked him out of his home where she paid no rent or bills.In the state of Texas, that's not illegal. Robert was actually apart a domestic violence assistance program. He was constantly abused by his girlfriend but was too ashamed to tell anyone. He called the police on her on multiple occasions where SHE was the only one ever arrested... while pregnant. Just before this incident, police found her outside their home with an assault rifle and Robert on the phone with 911 operators pleading for his life. Police were heard urging him not to let her back in and to remove all weapons, but like many victims, he hoped things would change. .Robert never wanted to press charges, he only hoped things would change. She was ordered by a judge(s) to enroll in anger management. Medical records show times when he secretly visited emergency rooms due to injuries from her." 

Even if the information stated above is true, Robert Atlas would still have no right to kick down the door to his home and stab a visibly pregnant woman to death.


Tracey Renee Atlas