Saturday, April 5, 2014

Derrick Yancey-Linda Yancey, Marcial Cax-Puluc

Linda Yancey, Derrick Yancey, and the other victim Marcial Cax-Puluc. (photo credit: police file photo)

Case summary: 

This African American couple lived a posh life in the suburbs. Everyone thought they were the happy couple, until police learned that one of their own had shot and killed his own wife and tried to frame a Hispanic undocumented worker for the crime.

"Heart Shot"

African American Deputy cop Derrick Yancey brutally killed his wife Linda Yancey in their home. Linda Yancey was shot a total of three times, with the last shot hitting the heart. He also shot and killed undocumented immigrant Marcial Cax-Puluc.

When police arrived on the crime scene, it appeared that Derrick Yancey had been ambushed by Marcial Cax-Puluc. However, a deeper investigation helped police uncover a plot by Derrick Yancey to frame the illegal immigrant/undocumented worker for his wife's death.

Marcial Cax-Puluc was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yancey picked up the undocumented worker for the sole purpose of framing him for his wife's murder.

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