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Cherica Adams-Rae Carruth case

Here is a photo of Cherica Adams and Rae Carruth. Cherica was eight months pregnant when she was shot to death on a lonely street in North Carolina. (Photo credit: Police file photo)

"A Shot In The Dark"

Case summary: A beautiful African American pregnant woman was gunned down in her car by a man who had been hired by her football star boyfriend.

The motive: He didn't want to be tied down.

Case background: 
In 1999, Cherica Adams was dating football star Rae Carruth, a man who played for the North Carolina Panthers. Things were not going very well in the relationship, but Cherica was hopeful that things would turn out ok, and that Rae Carruth would want to have a relationship with her and the baby as a family unit.

Carruth made her believe this was the case the night that he lured her out to a movie. Instead, he watched in his front rear view mirror as another man gunned her down in her car as she followed Carruth home. Police say that man, Van Brett Watkins, was hired by Rae Carruth to get rid of Cherica and the baby he never wanted.

Cherica Adams was shot a total of four times. But, she was able to pull over and call 911. Her 911 voice recordings were heard in the courtroom. She was able to scribble a note that indicated that Carruth watched as someone shot her.

She fell into a coma and died a few weeks later. Her son, Chancellor survived and continues to live with his loving grandmother Saundra Adams.

Cherica Adams Facebook page

Article 1:

Article 2:

This is such a sad video, but also one that shows the strength of Saundra Adams and Chancellor Adams.

Listen to Cherica Adams 911 call

Even all these years later, I cry when I listen to this 911 call. You can hear the pain and the disappointment in Cherica's voice. She has to be in disbelief knowing that her boyfriend was capable of doing this to her.

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  1. This 911 call breaks my heart. Its raw and filled with pain. I get the same feeling after all these years when I hear it. How could he do this to her?


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